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Alessandro Girelli

Alessandro is a chemical engineer who, in 1996, graduated from the University of Genoa.

He has over 20 years experience dealing with environmental issues related to the assessment and remediation of contaminated sites and to the treatment of industrial/municipal wastewater.

Alessandro is an expert in site-specific risk analysis (ASTM RBCA) and in environmental modeling necessary for studying the diffusion of contaminants in the subsurface, in the groundwater and in the atmosphere.

With regard to the REACH Regulation, Alessandro has specialized in Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA), with particular reference to the estimation of risk in different exposure scenarios defined for workers, consumers and for the environment (with the ECETOC TRA software).

He has developed various mathematical models (with MS Excel Macro language and html/javascript) for the design of wastewater treatment plants and for the procedure of site-specific risk assessment.

Alessandro is the co-author of the Risk-net 3 Pro software, developed together with Iason Verginelli for Reconnet.

Currently, Alessandro is the President of the Ligurian Council of Chemists.