Air pollution Surface water and sediments contamination Wastewater treatment Brownfields remediation / cleanup Soil sampling and water monitoring Risk Assessment Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Waste management Hazardous substances management (REACh/CLP) Modeling, data processing

IA Industria Ambiente is a consultancy company which provides services in matters regarding chemistry, ecology and environmental science.

We offer consultancy services on issues concerning for example industrial chemical processes, environmental science, industrial and domestic wastewater treatment, dynamics and mechanisms of contaminants diffusion in water, atmosphere and soil, air pollution, water pollution, risk assessment, site cleanup and remediation technologies, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), solid waste management, environmental regulations, etc.

Further, IA Industria Ambiente also provide consultancy services for matters pertaining to the management of hazardous substances, according to the REACh/CLP Regulations.

IA Industria Ambiente provides full consultancy service. As such we, for example, assist our clients with bureaucratic matters or provide them with advice concerning technical and environmental laws and regulations.

IA Industria Ambiente is committed to providing its clients with top of the market consultancy services. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide clients with the best possible solutions while at the same time keeping costs as low as possible.

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