IA Industria Ambiente is a consultancy company which provides services in matters regarding chemistry, ecology and environmental science.

We offer consultancy services on issues concerning for example industrial chemical processes, environmental science, industrial and domestic wastewater treatment, dynamics and mechanisms of contaminants diffusion in water, atmosphere and soil, air pollution, water pollution, risk assessment, site cleanup and remediation technologies, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), solid waste management, environmental regulations, etc.

Further, IA Industria Ambiente also provide consultancy services for matters pertaining to the management of hazardous substances, according to the REACh/CLP Regulations.

IA Industria Ambiente provides full consultancy service. As such we, for example, assist our clients with bureaucratic matters or provide them with advice concerning technical and environmental laws and regulations.

IA Industria Ambiente is committed to providing its clients with top of the market consultancy services. Our expertise and experience enable us to provide clients with the best possible solutions while at the same time keeping costs as low as possible.

For further information on the main services offered by IA Industria Ambiente, please consult the menu below (select topic for further detail).

  • Applications/report for authorization to emissions into the atmosphere from industrial sites
  • Air dispersion modeling for assessing pollution concentration and/or deposition flux on receptors from a wide variety of sources (ISC3 – AERMOD, CALINE4, ALHOA + MARPLOT, ecc.)
  • Air pollution from multiple sources including point, line, volume, area, and open pit source types.
  • Air quality impacts of pollutants near roadways.
  • Analysis and interpretation of air quality data
  • Creation of contour maps, thematic maps and classed post maps for representation of contaminants concentration at receptors
  • Risk Assessment of indoor air quality

  • Surface water and sediments pollution
  • Mathematical modeling of the diffusion of contaminants in surface water
  • Liquid waste discharge from diffuse sources (ships, wet deposition, ecc.)
  • Liquid waste discharge from point sources (wastewater direct discharge)
  • Study of the dynamics and mechanism of water and sediments contamination
  • Contaminated sediment management and remediation technologies

  • Projects of wastewater treatment plants (domestic / industrial)
  • Physical, chemical, and biological processes for wastewater treatment
  • Sizing of domestic wastewater treatment plants with a self-developed mathematical model
  • Design of Membrane Reactors
  • Sludge treatment and disposal
  • Performance assessment of existing wastewater treatment plants and evaluation of residual capacity
  • Regional Planning on water cycle management

  • Site remediation projects in accordance with the environmental laws and regulations
  • Consultancy and assistance in bureaucratic procedures and in the relationship with local public authorities
  • Processing and interpretation of environmental data
  • Assessment of the mechanisms of soil and groundwater contamination and pollutants fate
  • Identification of the active sources of contamination, the migration pathways and the sensitive receptors
  • Fingerprinting techniques for environmental forensic
  • Mathematical modeling of the groundwater dynamics and of the diffusion of contaminants in groundwater
  • Mathematical modeling of natural bioattenuation processes
  • Rendering of contour maps, thematic maps and classed post maps to represent contaminants concentration in soil and groundwater
  • Identifying the best remediation technology in terms of yield/costs ratio for any specific brownfield
  • Deep knowledge of the most advanced remediation technologies

  • Collecting soil samples from contaminated sites
  • Measurement of depth to water-table
  • NAPL detection and thickness measurement
  • Water sampling with electric submersible pumps (dynamic sampling) or bailers (static sampling), after purging of three to five well volumes of water
  • Water quality measurement with multiparametric probe (temperature, pH, electric conductivity, dissolved oxygen and reduction-oxidation potential)

  • Conceptual Site Model Development (based on ASTM)
  • Collecting of updated toxicity values and chemical factors for the specific contaminants (US EPA, RAIS, IRIS, ecc.)
  • Risk Assessment based on standard procedures (ASTM, RBCA, CONCAWE) – forward mode
  • Determination of acceptable Risk-Based Screening Level (RBSL) – backward mode
  • Development of Risk-net 3 Pro, a software for risk assessment based on RBCA and on the italian standards (ISPRA/ISS/ISPESL)

  • Assessment of air quality impact on receptors from a wide variety of sources including point, line, volume, area, and open pit source types
  • Assessment of water quality impact on aquatic ecosystem
  • Environmental impact assessment related with waste management

  • Consultancy on solid waste handling and transport in accordance with the environmental laws and regulations
  • Consultancy on hazardous waste treatment and management

  • Consultancy on management of chemicals and hazardous substances
  • Consultancy and assistance with bureaucratic procedures in compliance with the most recent regulations on chemicals and hazardous substances
  • Consultancy and assistance with EU Regulation 2006/1907/EC (REACh), including selection of substances of concern, support during the registration of substances, representation in consortia or associations related to the pre-registered substances (the company is registered at the ECHA as a third party representative), assistance for “Data Gap Analysis”, consultancy for selecting the optimal registration strategy for each substance.
  • Advice and assistance in relation to EU Regulation 2008/1272/EC (CLP) regarding classification, labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures, including technical-legal support for the management of hazardous substances, evaluation, preparation and audit on safety data sheets and labeling of chemicals, assistance regarding bureaucratic procedures and relationship with public authorities
  • Consultancy and assistance for defining exposure scenarios in the workplace and/or verifying the compliance with the exposure scenarios as described in the extended safety data sheets
  • Consultancy and assistance regarding Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA) and drafting of the Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
  • Assessment of risks for workers, consumers and the environment by using the mathematical model ECETOC TRA

  • Environmental data(of any type) import and processing
  • MS Office Macro development (in Visual Basic) for automatic data processing
  • Development (in MS Excel and HTML+Javascript) of specific mathematical model (sizing of wastewater treatment plants, sizing of gaseous emission treatment plants, risk assessment, etc.)
  • Mathematical modeling (public or commercial models from US EPA, Scientific Software Group) for analyzing dynamics of groundwater, diffusion of pollutants in atmosphere, risk assessment, etc.)
  • GIS Software for rendering contour maps, thematic maps and classed post maps to represent contaminants concentration at receptors
  • Statistical data processing

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